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Saturday, September 8, 2007

Who invented Ambulance?

The ambulance dates from 1792, Baron Larrey, Napoleon’s personal doctor, was worried about the way in which wounded men were being carried from a battlefield., They were simply put into an open cart and taken away , being jolted all the time over the rough ground.
Baron Larrey took a cart, had special springs mounted into it to make them more comfortable, and then had a cover erected over the top to protect the patients from the weather.
The invention proved to be a success. So in 1796 a special French Army unit was established to remove the wounded from battlefields, equipped with 12 of these ‘one-horse flying ambulances’.
It took more than 80 years before anyone thought that civilians might need ambulances, too. The first was used on the streets of Margate, Kent, in 1878 –pulled by hand, and with just one wheel! However, in 1883 one appeared with four wheels, rubber tires and was pulled by a horse.
The first ambulance to have its own engine – fitted with a Daimler engine – was demonstrated in Paris in 1895, but did not go into use with the French Army until 1900. In the same year France was to see the first civilian motorized ambulance appear.


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