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Saturday, December 12, 2009

What is volvox?

Volvox is probably the simplest living organism composed of a number of cells that show as common purpose. Volvox (Latin for rolling) is a plant, looking like a tiny green ball as big as this ‘o’,. If you look carefully into the surface of a freshwater pool or pond you will probably see, rolling through the water, tiny green balls-these are volvox.


Tuesday, December 8, 2009

What is show-jumping?

Show-jumping is a competition to see which horse and rider can best jump a series of walls, fences and other obstacles . Points are won and lost as the horses, one after the other, attempt each obstacles on a specially prepared course. Some times, extra points are awarded to the horse which completes the course successfully in the fastest time.
Some of the special walls on a show-jumping course are made of brick, and if the horse kicks any of the bricks off the wall as it goes over the top it will lose its rider points. Fences are often made of wooden poles, and again, none of the poles must be kicked out of place by the horse if its rider is to score full points. Also there are often ditches filled with water, which the horses must be able to clear. If a horse refuses to jump a fence, it will mean a serious loss of points, And if a horse throws its rider out of the saddle, this is worse still.
Show-jumping is popular with millions of people today who can see such contests on television. Some show-jumping horse riders are now as famous as racing jockeys.


Tuesday, December 1, 2009

What do guide-dogs do?

Dogs are what we call Domesticated animals, meaning that for thousands of years they have played a very close and important part in men’s lives. One of the most valuable jobs a dog can be trained for is to act as a guide-dog.
These dogs are owned by blind people and lead the way when they want to go out. Such dogs are selected for this job when they are about two years old, and it takes four or five months to train them. They are trained to lead their blind master down a street so that he won’t bump into other people or walk into building or lamp posts. They are also taught to stop at the curb and not lead their master across the road until the traffic has stopped or is a safe distance away. As they are highly intelligent animals, they can even help their masters safely in and out of buses and trains.


Sunday, November 29, 2009

Who are the Bedouins?

The Bedouins are a nomadic Arab tribe whose name is derived from badawi meaning ‘desert-dweller’. They make up about one-tenth of the population of the Middle East, but cover in their wanderings nearly nine-tenths of its land area. Their Pattern of life is determined by the grazing needs of their flocks which they follow all the year round, living in black goats’ hair tents. Traditionally they despise agricultural or manual work, and happiest tending their herds of sheep, camels and highly-bred horses.


Saturday, November 28, 2009

What is Valhalla?

The word means Hall of the slain and, in Norse mythology, was the great hall of the dead heroes. The hall had 540 doors, so wide that 800 men could enter side by side, and the guests were seated at long tables where they were served with wondrous food and drink.

Valhalla’s walls were of gold, lined with battle shields so highly polished that the light they cast made candles unnecessary, and coats of mail and armour hung from the walls.


Thursday, November 26, 2009

What is knur and spell?

A word game? A Viking singing duo? A witch’s curse? No, knur and spell is a little-known game that has been played in the Pennine area of Northern England for the last 300 years.
The game has a terminology all its own. The knur is a small baked clay ball, sometimes known as a potty. The spell is a wooden structure something like a miniature gallows, from which the knur is suspended. The players-known locally as laikers – must hit the knur with a long sycamore cane, the laiker whose knur travels furthest being the winner. The game had almost died out until recently, but now there has been lots of new interest, and a world championship is planned.


Monday, November 23, 2009

What is pall-mall?

This game is similar to croquet, played with a wooden mallet and ball. The name derives from the Italian, Palla (ball) and maglio (mallet). Though not played much nowadays, pall-mall enjoyed great popularity in England. Italy and other parts of Europe in the 1600s.


Monday, May 25, 2009

What is tropic of cancer ?

The farthest northern latitude at which the sun can appear directly overhead, which occurs on the June solstice. North of this line is the subtropics and Northern Temperate Zone. The Tropic of Capricorn is at the opposite latitude south of the Equator. South of the Tropic of Cancer and north of the Tropic of Capricorn are the Tropics. The center line is called Equator.


What is an atomic clock?

Atomic clock is a special type clock that shows almost accurate time. Atomic clock maintains continuous and stable time scale. the first model of atomic clock was build on 1949 by the U.S National Bureau of standards. First successful atomic clock was designed on 1955 in UK by National physical laboratory. A chip scale atomic clock designed in august 2004 by NIST scientists. Chip type atomic clock consumes only 75 mw current. Major application of atomic clocks are to generate standard frequency and serve time signals to time signal sites. They also installed at navigation transmitters and broadcasting stations. By the help of this atomic clock signals broadcasting stations produces accurate carries frequency. GPS navigation systems base signals are also from atomic clock.


Sunday, May 24, 2009

How to download youtube videos to your computer?

Every one knows about youtube,  we can search and watch a youtube video when the computer is connected to internet. without connected online we cant see a video in youtube unless its streamed.
whats the remedy for it. To watch your favorite youtube video in offline  just download this software and paste the url of your youtube video and download it to your computer. 

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Saturday, May 23, 2009

How many languages are in the World?

When people are asked how many languages they think there are in the world, the answers vary quite a bit. One random sampling of New Yorkers, for instance, resulted in answers like “probably several hundred.” However we choose to count them, though, this is not close. When we look at reference works, we find estimates that have escalated over time. The 1911 (11th) edition of the Encyclopedia Britannica, for example, implies a figure somewhere around 1,000, a number that climbs steadily over the course of the twentieth century. That is not due to any increase in the number of languages, but rather to our increased understanding of how many languages are actually spoken in areas that had previously been underdescribed. Much pioneering work in documenting the languages of the world has been done by missionary organizations (such as the Summer Institute of Linguistics) with an interest in translating the Christian Bible. As of 1997, at least a portion of the Bible had been translated into 2,197 different languages, still a long way short of full coverage. The most extensive catalog of the world’s languages, generally taken to be as authoritative as any, is that of the Ethnologue organization
(, whose detailed classified list currently includes 6,809 distinct languages.


Thursday, May 21, 2009

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How "Ida" named new fossil help the study about human origins?

Ida is a new fossil found in Germany that will help to created a good media attention and will likely continue to make waves among those who study human origins.

 The paleontologist team that analyzed the 47-million-year-old fossil seen above, suggests Ida is a critical missing-link species in primate evolution. This fossil, reduces the gap between higher primates (monkeys, apes, and humans) and their more distant relatives such as lemurs. 


Tuesday, May 19, 2009

What is Casimir force?

When two uncharged metals are kept micrometers away from each other in a vaccum. There is a quantum force betwen them (repulsion or attraction) depending upon the arrangement of the metals. The repulsion properties of casimir force can be used in levitationg micro objects. Casimir force is very significant in nanotechnology as this helps to reduce the friction between submicromillimeters parts. Since this force is created in vaccum It is also described as force from nothing.


What is AVATAR and where does that word came from?

Avatar is a word came from Hindu vedas. Avatar means incarnation mostly from an upper spiritual being (God) to a lower spiritual being (Human), also posses supernatural powers mainly objected for a special purpose.Avatar is mainly connected with Vishnu one of the three main Gods of Hinduism. Dasavataram denotes ten avatars of Vishnu in the world for certain purposes. The tenth avatar KALKI is believed to be in our Living age and yet to come.


Sunday, May 17, 2009

Latest movie news


Sunday, May 3, 2009

What Is Biogas?

Biogas is a mixture of carbon dioxide, methane and some other gases. It is produced by some kinds of microorganisms, usually when air or oxygen is absent. (The absence of oxygen is called “anaerobic conditions.”) Animals that eat a lot of plant material, particularly grazing animals such as cattle, produce large amounts of biogas. The biogas is produced not by the cow or elephant, but by billions of microorganisms living in its digestive system. Biogas also develops in bogs and at the bottom of lakes, where decaying organic matter builds up under wet and anaerobic conditions.

How to build a biogas generator  Visit:


Wednesday, April 29, 2009

How can Robots help us ?

Robots can help humanbeing in different ways. We can send robots to space, under the deep sea, into the earth for complicated mining process that ordinary people cant done. Robotos can go into extreme temperature and do the tasks correctly without human error. Nasa also use robots to repair space ships and space stations. We can use robots to manipulate the environment.


Wednesday, April 8, 2009

How Rice cooker works ?

Basically Rice cooker consists of a heating coil and thermostat. A bowl is placed on the heater which contains rice and water. During cooking the temperature will not increase above 100 degree due to the boiling point of water. In final process of cooking, water boiled off and temperature increases in the absence of water and thermostat trips. In market there are electric and microwave rice cookers are available. Rice cookers also included steamer. The new technological rice cookers are Induction Heating, Microcomputer controlled rice cookers.


Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Where does vanilla come from?

Vanilla falvouring is something we are all familiar with. But did you know that from whrer we get vanilla? We get it from the vanilla orchid, which grows in Madagascar and other islands in the Indian Ocean. What is more, the vanilla orchid is the only orchid which produces a useful product.


Thursday, March 5, 2009

When was history made in twelve seconds?

The date was 17 December 1903; the scene: the cold windy hills of North Carolina; the name of the place which was to go down in history: Kitty Hawk; the occasion: man’s first powered flight. The aero plane had arrived. Orville Wright was at the controls. The aircraft, powered by a four cylinder engine, careered through space for twelve seconds at 48Km. p.h. airspeed, swept down and landed in soft sand. Orville wrote: ‘This flight lasted only twelve seconds but it was, nevertheless, the first in the history of the world in which a machine, carrying a man, had raised itself by its own power into the air in full flight, had sailed forward without reduction of speed and had finally landed at a point as high as that from which it started’. The Wrights’ aircraft was called flyer. Only five people were there to watch it make history. One photograph recorded the scene. It was not until three years after Kitty Hawk that the Scientific American wrote” ‘In all the history of invention there is probably no parallel to the unostentatious manner in which the Wright Brothers of Dayton, Ohio, ushered into the world their epoch-making invention of the first successful aeroplane flying machine’.


Thursday, February 12, 2009

Where do we get the word denim from ?

If you have a pair of Jeans you will know that what they are made of is called denim, but do you know where the word comes from?
At first, it was used to describe a serge cloth made in Nimes, France – the original name was ‘serge de Nimes’. Gradually, these last two names were shortened and adapted to the word we know as denim, although now denim is made all over the world sand not just in Nimes.


Friday, February 6, 2009

How did the Oscar get its name?

In 1929, the first awards for best performances in films were made. These awards where shaped like as man, and a secretary at the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences on seeing one for the first time, remarked that it looked just like her uncle Oscar. The name stuck, and the awards have been called Oscars ever since.


Thursday, January 15, 2009

Quiz 2

1. Who wrote about the Jabberwockey?

2. What is a ‘Kentucky Pill’?

3. Where is the ‘Land of the White Eagle?

4. What does MS stand for ?

5. What is a Naiad?

6. Who hid from his enemies in an oak tree?

7. What is a Palindrome?

8. What is another name for Quicksilver?

9. What name is given to the sign of the ram in the Zodiac?


1. Lewis Carroll.
2. A Bullet.
3. Poland
4. Manuscript
5. A water nymph.
6. Charles II.
7. A word which reads the same when read wither backwards or forwards.
8. Mercury.
9. Aries.


Thursday, January 1, 2009


1. Who is the patron saint of travelers?

2. What is the ‘Third Estate’?

3. Who was the first person to use an umbrella in Britain?

4. By what name is Van Dieman’s Land now known?

5. What is wampum?

6. What kind of musical instrument is a xylophone?

7. What is the song of the Yellowhammer?

8. What are the Zingari?


1. St. Christopher
2. The House of Commons
3. Jonas Han way
4. Tasmania
5. Shell bead money used by the North American Indians
6. A percussion instrument.
7. “A little bit of bread and no cheese”.
8. This is the name given to gypsies in Italy.