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Friday, November 9, 2007

Spy Cameras

Different types of spy cameras

1. Wireless spy cameras
2. Night vision spy cameras
3. Hidden cameras to caught the thief
4. Motion activated spy cameras
5. Peep hole spy cameras

Wireless spy cameras are the most selling spy cameras in the world. It is very convenient due to lack of cables. We can place this spy cameras inside the shelf , on ceiling, inside the toys etc.


Thursday, November 8, 2007

Who was the French Forest Ranger famous for his fables?

His name was Jean de la Fontaine. His father was the ranger of the forest of the duchy of Chateau-Thierry in champagne, Jean was born there July 8, 1621, and educated at first for the Church. He turned, however to the law but abandoned this on succeeding to his father’s ranger ship in 1647.

He married the same year but soon separated from his wife and he must have de3cided that forest ranging was not for him for its is known that form 1660 he lived in Paris. He began to write verses and translated some the minor classics.

In 1668 his first six books of animal fables were published. In wonderfully easy verse, they rate high among the glories of French Literature. In them Fontaine demonstrated a deep knowledge of nature, gained probably from the days when he roamed the forest Chateau-Thierry as a ranger.

A second series of fables appeared in 1679 and a third in 1693. They are today still read extensively throughout the world.

Jean de la Fontaine died in Paris April13, 1695.


Why is the Moon not always completely round ?

The Sun always lights up half of the Moon’s surface the part facing the Sun. But, as the Moon moves around the Earth and the Earth moves around the Sun, different parts of the sunlit Moon are visible to us. Sometimes we see the whole of the sunlit surface, this is what we call the ‘full’ Moon. Sometime we see only the left or right part, which looks like as slice of melon. So we see the Moon in several stages. These are called phases of the Moon and are known as: full moon, warning Moon, new Moon and waxing Moon.


Monday, November 5, 2007

Why are stars grouped in constellations?

People who gazed at the skies in ancient time’s believce4d that they could see the shapes of animals and peoples traced out in the stars. These star groups, or constellations, have the Latin names of the shapes and astronomers use the names in identifying stars. But the stars in a constellation do not belong to any actual group in space and may be far apart. The twelve constellations lying on the ecliptic, the sun’s path through the sky, are called the zodiac.