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Friday, July 25, 2008


Who knows what?
The average woman’s brain weighs around 4 oz lighter than a man’s. The Brain of Neanderthal man was bigger than both.

Super tankers
The rudder of a giant oil tanker could provide parking space for nearly fifty cars if laid on its side.

Workers on Japanese building sites sometimes use kites to carry bricks up tall buildings.

Slow risers
Some species of snail have been known to sleep continuously for four years.

Bare-faced Piggery
At the turn of the century, a shaved bear dressed in female clothing was exhibited as ‘The Pig – Woman’, a fortune – teller whose grunted replies were prompted by a man beneath the table with a sharp stick.

Wet lot
The average American uses sixty gallons of water every day.

Passing fancy
Inmates who escaped from Sing. Sing prison could rely on change of clothes at the home of millionaire Whitelaw Reid, who kept two suits hanging in an outside barn for that purpose.

Strict Upbringing
Young men in Malagasy Indian tribes must pay their fathers for the right to grow taller than them. While their fathers are alive they cannot shave or eat animal rumps.

Peace on earth
Just under three quarters of the earth’s population live without radio, television, newspapers or telephones.

Museum Piece
A coin described as a ‘Roman sesterce coin from between 135 and 138A.D. was removed from display when a nine-year-old boy recognized it as a plastic medallion given with bottles of Pop.

Hello, XLZPTZ Speaking
There is enough telephone cable under New York to reach Venus.

Cheeky Monkey
An art student in Pretoria who submitted a chimpanzee’s picture instead of his own was awarded a pass mark by examiners.

Larger than life
Western sets in old Holly wood movies were built smaller than in real life to make the cowboys look big.

Vintage stuff
The word vinegar comes from the French VIN aigre, meaning sour wine.

Not cats and Dogs
During a freak storm in France, thousand of small toads rained down on the startled population.

Although toads are capable of surviving 10,000 mg. of fluoracetic acid, as little as 1 mg. will kill a dog.

Spider Dressing
High-Class barbers in Roman time used to dress the cuts of their clients spiders’ webs soaked in vinegar.

Early Start
Female children in the Tiwi Islands in the Pacific are engaged they are born. They are married at birth to the adult of their parents’ choice.

Deep freeze
A Lizard discovered inside a block of a ice buried 33 ft. below ground level in Siberia, was found to be alive.

Going up
The three astronauts who spent twelve weeks in space on the sky lab mission had grown two inches taller by the time they returned to Earth.

Sweet teeth
One third of the world’s boiled sweets are eaten in Britain.