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Monday, March 31, 2008

What is Ultrasound Scanning.

Ultrasound scanning is used to analyze the structure of internal organs, muscle and their size. Ultrasound scanning (Obstetrical ultrasound) is commonly used to scan and analyze the pregnancy period. Ultrasound scanners operating frequency is between two to eighteen mega hertz. Lower frequencies also uses in scanning to get deeper image from body. The Ultrasound scanner operators are called sonographers. A gel is applied on the body of patient before scanning, a probe called transducer produces ultrasound frequency. This probe directly placed on the patient and ultrasound passes from the transducer through the applied water based gel to body. Mainly ultrasound scanning is used to observe the development of fetus during pregnancy. Another applications of ultrasound is in Dental section to clean tooth, cancer treatment, surgery, eye treatment etc.

The working principle of ultrasound scanner : It produces a wave and analyze the echo of that wave, especially how strong the echo was and how long the echo to be received. From these things it produces a digital image as output.


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